Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Another happy repeat customer!

When we moved in a year ago, I was not happy several areas of the house. The first thing we had done was having a room built onto the back of our house. (I have previously written a review on this) The next thing we wanted done was the Kitchen. The kitchen was WAAAY too small. This house did not have a broom closet or pantry either so I couldn't unpack everything, and had to either stuff things into a closet or left them in the boxes. Russ of Par Construction, without having to tear all the walls down, created a design of cabinets, cupboards, closets and counter space for us. Now I have space for everything and more. Also the trash and recycle cans don't stand out in the hallway like we had them. This kitchen now feels more spacious and I now have extra room to put all my goods and appliances large and small, instead of taking up space on the counter or having to squeeze past them to get to the next room. Our kitchen is beautiful now and we love it.

The time did go a little over, but there were personal problems and a storms power outage to deal with. Russ and I were able to work out the scheduling of getting things done to fit both of out time schedules.

I'm looking forward to have him do the next thing on our list!

Homeowner Spokane, WA Remodel July 1, 2014